Friday, May 19, 2006

coins coins everywhere but none in my wallet

I never get it. Or them. Literally. Cashiers AND change.

In London supermarkets, without exception, I am always handed back my change and stuff in one fist, at one shot and in this order: receipt at the bottom, currency notes above, loyalty card above that and then at least £4.63 worth of coins to top it all. And of course with at least 2 plastic bags in the other hand it’s near impossible to put away the pyramid/ money and change and loyalty card without dropping either said bag(s) or all the coins all over floor. So there I am scrounging on the floor for 5 x 2p and 4 x 20p coins while the guy who has come to the till after me is just looking at me with their deepest frown and thinking “what a moron”. I can’t wait for them to get all their change in a huge pile! Sometimes I think I’ll collect myself – coins in coin compartment all zipped up, notes where they should go, loyalty card in card holder and receipt in bag with groceries – and then turn and look on, waiting for them to drop everything as well. Knowing my darn luck they would have paid by credit card and have just a card and a receipt both of which will deftly slip into wallet with no mishaps. Well, good for them! Harrumph!!

It’s wrong though of me to feel so upset about the guy behind me. Sometimes they just look sympathetic or is that empathetic – as if they know it’s their turn after mine and it’ll soon be them on their knees looking for tiny 5p coins. It’s the supermarkets and their cashiers that this is all about. Why can’t they do this???? Simple handover: Receipt in bag with groceries, notes next and then coin change. I’m sure the current method is something to do with the “optimising-time-while-handing-back-change” module of their training. Well, someone read this and do something (If you work in the retail business or business consult in retail! Apologies everyone, else including poor guy next in line). It is NOT optimising to have customers crawling about on their knees. It is NOT possible to give people huge amounts of change – all in the smallest denomination possible – and then expect them to move off at lightening speed without dropping anything.

I’ve switched to online groceries years ago – once a month for all our staples and packaged food - but every few weeks we need to top up with fresh milk, bread, veggies. So I’m off to get groceries – and I’m paying with my credit card this time.


  1. Coins are such a pain. When it rains it really pours.

    Maybe you should take a small pouch along with you and put it at the counter and tell the person there to fill it up with the coins.


    Someone woke up from a deep slumber I see.

  2. Anonymous3:41 PM

    as a rule...if they will accept plastic...plastic it is!!! 40in2006...yipes it's this year!!!

  3. i feel your frustration...i so feel your frustration.and i have done away with loyalty cards.

  4. I thought I was the only one who felt like this!

  5. Me: I like the pouch idea. Only hope no one takes it for a stick-up!

    40in2006: Yes it is this year. I'm a fan of cash when I can rather than plastic - money feels more real when its in my hands!

    Sunrays: Loyalty cards need a whole new post!!! You are brave to have gotten rid of them....I'm yet to take the leap.

    Jane: Join the club!