Monday, February 06, 2006

Here a puff, there a huff

Ever since the non-smoking office, restaurant, mall, station came into existence it has been hell for the non-users. Instead of lessening second hand smoke it has concentrated smoke clouds around entrance/ exits to these places. So when a non-smoker enters the clean air mall they breathe a sigh of clean air. All entrances to malls, exits to tube stations, bus stop shelters, office porches are meeting points for the avid smokers. Should you need to use a mall, go to office, wait for a bus, travel on the tube your chances of smelling like a stale cigarette and inhaling as much smoke as before remain much the same as when everyone smoked everywhere. OK I admit its better ventilated on the outside but with the numbers of stained finger smokers at one place the concentrated effect exists instead of the spread out version. A majority of pedestrians are all trying to get their last smoke in before entering somewhere where it is not allowed and for the non-smokers by their side there is often little space to escape on a crowded pavement.

As far as I can tell the only positive things about the ban in indoor places is to make smokers re-examine their smoking habit. An aggressive anti-smoking, get help campaign combined with the limited indoor spaces to smoke has encouraged many smokers to rethink their habit. Hypnotherapy, group sessions, Smokers anon, exercise regimens, nicotine patches. Banning tobacco advertising is mean to discourage the association between smoking and cool activities (like F1). It’s all a step in the right direction. All designed to beat a bad habit and reinstate some will power.

But till every person decides that its bad for their own health and for those around them there will be no real relief for us non-smokers. Like the horrid man with a cigar on the pavement in front of us this morning…….yuck!


  1. They should build tiny stations/cubes/rooms all across the city for "only smokers" so that all the smokers can enjoy their smoke as well as second hand smoking. I find it very disgusting...but somehow in a pub I don't mind second hand smoke.

  2. Ooooookie. No comments to this. But trust me, London is much less polluted with Nicotine, compared to other European Countries.

    In Austria, for example, you are free to smoke anywhere, except hospitals. On the roads, in offices, in malls, everywhere.

    Guess that's why I like this place :D

    Oppss, shouldn't have said that. :p

  3. Yes.. Smoking is bad... Realized it this morning. (**Lighting a ciggarette...) Ok ok, was just playing along.. It really is bad.

  4. Keya, the small room theory is good one. Everyone giving it up is a better one. I can't bear second hand smoke even in pubs.

    Me, It is a disgusting habit. the sooner people give it up the sooner they can enjoy their lives. Yes, all over europe you just can't get away from smokers. It is much worse than in London.

    Jane Sunshine, You are spot on. We are not better off with the smoking ban - concentrated entrance/ exit/ pavement second hand smoke is choking us....

  5. Can't stand the smell of smoking. But I still prefer the smoking ban ..