Friday, January 20, 2006

A roaring Sunday

Watched Lion King at the Lyceum with the S-Team over the weekend. V and I only end up watching one musical or so a year – sheer lazineess. And I regret that we waited so long to go and watch this one.

It didn’t matter that the compact theatre was more than half full of kids or that 7ft tall guys in front of us had to tuck their knees under their chins in the sardine can seats. Everyone forgot the restricted space and the kids were in awed silence once the show started. It was a spectacular copy of the movie – frame by frame with a few inspired songs thrown in. The sets and costumes were bright and innovative. They did so much with so few people and such creative use of space. The scene with the herds charging through the gorge was particularly well done. I can only say I was mesmerised and now know why people have kept going on at us to go. I can’t decide which character I liked best although Poomba was adorable and Timon had the most brilliant ventriloquist. This is a show not to be missed. Despite the overpowering red seats, quite dusty theatre and expensive tickets. Go. Now.

After the musical we headed to Belgo Centraal for dinner. Belgo is part of a Belgian food speciality chain. Belgo is located in an industrial looking sub-terrainean cave like space down a cobbled street in Covent Garden. The metallic touches ironically bring a brilliant design balance to the stone ceilings walls and floors. As in Belgium the main food on the menu is mussels. By the kilo pot, in warming bowls, as starters, as main meals. Being allergic to shellfish this was disappointing (only because I love shellfish but am so allergic). The menu had other fish options and I chose those: salmon fishcakes to start with and haddock as a main course. The food was served by a friendly waitress who looked like Friar Tuck (from the Robin Hood movie) – maybe the monk like robes helped that effect. All four of us enjoyed our meal - hearty portions, extremely tasty food, and about £25 per head including alcohol. Try and get to one of the five branches they have in London. It’s worth the time and effort.

It was indeed a lovely way to spend a grey Sunday.
Belgo Centraal: 50 Earlham Street/ 2b Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H9LJ. Tel: 0207813 2233


  1. Aawwww! Such a romantic Sunday!

  2. Finally a search for a blog from UK comes to an end. Belago Centraal huh... Should do that sometime soon.

    Cheers for the moment.