Thursday, December 08, 2005


I'm getting impatient as hell for a job now. I don't know how much longer I will be 'discerning' about my applications before I stoop to applying to McDonald's for a burger flipping job. Where are all the people willing to take a leap of faith etc....

Anyway, that was not the point of the post - it was just the release of writing down what is most frustrating at the moment that I could not resist! This is the story I heard and the point:

Worrywart goes home to his beautiful wife after an evening out socialising in a bar with his colleagues. Enters his home complaining that he dropped his travelcard with a value of about £16 on it. The Mrs tells him not to worry and to look again once he's eaten. He deigns to eat a lukewarm dinner with a furrowed forehead and no conversation. Jumps up after his meal, checks his jacket pocket, threatens to go back to the bar on a freezing night. Mrs. convinces him not to so he locates the number of the bar, calls and gets the guy on that end of the phone to go check if anyone has turned it in. No one has but bar guy takes down Ww's name and number and promises to call if anyone does. Ww tries calling Transport for London but hits some complicated menu and gives up. Mrs says to be patient and that maybe someone in the bar will turn it in overnight. Worry and impatience don't mix well. Ww ignores all pleas and instead goes online to find some way to cancel the travelcard & retrieve its balance. "Eureka!" he cries. TfL will mail him a new card, cancel the old one and his £16 balance is safe. Worry turns into a smile and finally he has more than 3 words and a real conversation to have with the Mrs. She has no time for this nonsense and walks away.

His travelcard was lying on his bedside table.

His patience is somewhere on the otherside of the world digging a hole through someone's garden, trying to get back to him. Maybe it'll be back by the time his new travelcard arrives in the post!

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  1. DO NOT take up any job that comes your way! I am sure you'll get something fantastic with a profile just made for you. Meanwhile, try some volunteering...I am sure you'll enjoy it.