Sunday, December 04, 2005

Dancing shoes

I'm just getting over a bad cold that has kept me indoors with a box of Kleenex since Thursday.

Started off the weekend with a lovely dinner at Royal China (West Ferry Circus) last evening. Just V and me. After ages it was just us, makes a change from our endlessly busy social lives. I was still sniffling but the hot & sour soup really helped the cause. We had some calamari and dumplings to start, sizzling chicken in blackbean sauce and hot & spice veal with soft noodles and egg fried rice. Far too much food so we ended up packing most of it and bringing it home. Made for a great brunch today! Royal China is a highly successful family owned chain with restaurants in St.Johns Wood, Baker Street, Queenstown and West Ferry Circus. They are known for their dim sum and excellent chinese food. Their food is wholesome, hot and tsaty and they don't douse everything in MSG which is good. We had a lovely evening just catching up with each other, me just glad to be yacking without blowing my nose every 3 seconds and V just unwinding from his hectic week. An evening alone with your partner is highly recommended....

Nice long swim this afternoon to finish off the cold. I'm off to put on my dancing shoes as we plan to go dancing tonight after eons. I think I may have forgotten how to dance, its been that long. So the un-coordinated one on the dance floor, that'll be me. I can't wait!

Have a good weekend all!

Royal China: 30 Westferry Circus, London E14 8RR. Tel: 020 7719 0888

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