Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Books & Art 2005 - III

31 Songs by Nick Hornby (Book 14 ): This I bought in Borders, Oxford Street, while waiting to meet a friend. I resisted the lights and bought just the one book!

I love Nick Hornby’s writing. I’ve read every book of fiction he’s written. I’ve seen the movies made out of them and re-read the books again, enjoying each one anew. He has a very connected way of writing, including his reader in the world he creates and encouraging ‘the little people to find the light’ kind of themes in his stories. A modern day feel good above all else magician. The kind of writer I think I’d like to be.

31 songs is not fiction. I bought it much after it came out, postponing the purchase, letting linger the thought that maybe we’d like the same kind of music but knowing deep down that we wouldn’t and that if (or honestly, when) that happened I wouldn’t enjoy his books as much anymore. I was right. Well atleast about us not liking the same kind of music. The only thing we have in common is Bruce Springsteen (hey, no sniggering out there). But the book is evocative and so well written that I feel like I was listening to the wrong stuff in my teens. Nick Hornby draws a brilliant melody with his words, describing how music often makes us feel, articulating what most of us can only do in our heads or when no one else is around.
Even if his music is not your music you should read this book. I promise you will hear things you never read before.

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