Saturday, September 10, 2005

Day out, pictures in

Trudged to Ikea today (the one that's in Neasden) and got away fairly lightly. Is it that it's not as enamouring as before or just that I have no more place to keep a 5 piece set of bamboo baskets, 3 trillion tea lights and 1500 hundred types of paper napkins????

I think its the space because I thoroughly enjoyed myself, just looking at the set-up rooms had me wanting to move permanently to a showroom. Perhaps for the first time ever I listened to the little voice whispering into my ear that keeps saying "it's only things you want not what you need!". Oops sorry that's not my voice or my conscience, it's the voice of my cuz 40in2006 all the way from the US of A!! How thrilled V will be that I have not spent my meagre fortune on an oversized futon, sets of filing racks, 200 glasses and 13 spotlights (I was soooo tempted, just the packaging and economical price bowl me over and make me into an Ikea-hungry maniac)

I have to go now. My cousin A has sent me 4 gazillion photographs to trawl through - all of his wedding in Patna, reception in Madras and my aunt's birthday. All my cousins and spouses and aunts and uncles and nieces and parents and brother and grandfather and family friends from before I was a tinytot.......when will we be together again I wonder.....

It's time to feel nostalgic and homesick all in eyes are geared for the feast of colour and laughter and my heart is geared for the feast of memories.


  1. Aah well. Never ever liked the place. People get lost in it for endless amounts of time :-( Oh well, I guess I am just not into furniture

  2. Anonymous12:32 AM

    i quite enjoy going there too!!! i hate to generalize but most desi's in the US of A don't seem to like ikea...i don't care much for the furniture(mainly becos i have no space for it all) but the other stuff is really COOL!!! 40in2006(guess i am not very original!!!)

  3. Anonymous1:48 PM

    ha ha !we must sometimes give in to temptation!it feels reeaal good to do so and i abso luv ikea!

  4. parth, it's not about the furniture, its about the experience....besides which I have NO space whatsoever, even for a tealight

    40in2006, you have the perfect name for a blog. any chance of giving it a try?!

    Vani, I can't believe it's you! I will email you asap... temptation is the vice of the imaginative, so give in regularly!

  5. Anonymous9:42 AM

    i would love to...but i have noooo time...between 2 kids, a husband, and 2 almost full-time jobs...i just extrapolated from your name!!!40in2006