Thursday, July 21, 2005

Sirens of a different kind

After the blasts on the 7th of July, bringing the Tube system in London to a virtual halt, life settled back to some normality although the sirens of emergency services rung in our ears for days. After a few days that sound became comforting, knowing that they were in control of things, helping people get back to normality. Slowly this city has lifted its spirits and got back to business. We are all back to working and travelling and living our lives as best we can.

Today this has happened and the sirens are back, ringing in our ears, pointing out that this is not normality, that this city is under attack. What kind of horrible world is this?

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  1. looks like the terrorists want to upset the temperament of the general public.

    sorry for the delay in the blogroll. I hv blogrolled u now.