Monday, February 07, 2005

2nd despatch from HK

We are having an absolute blast in Hong Kong. I've been here before on a short stop over enroute to Australia in 1998 but for V this is the first time. For all practical purposes this is my first time as well - my memories from the 24 hour in 1998 are alternately blurred and sharp - some things seem familiar while others are a completely pleasant surpise.

Anyway sitting in Pacific Coffee shop in Kowloon's Nathan Street and posting as we have not had a minute to spare (having fun is so time consuming!)or any access so far.

Spent two lovely evenings with our hosts, pubbing in Lan Kwai Fong which is the central club/ pub/ disco area - crawled from 'Stormies' to 'Insomnia' to 'Beirut', ate Hagen Daz icecream at 2am to coat the alohol!

In the 2 days that we have been here this is what we've done:
Day 1: Went to the airport to meet my bhua who was enroute from India to SanJose. Walked around Central and Admirality and shopped some
Day 2: Spent the day at Ocean Park, fed and watched Sea Lions, watched a Dolphin show and rode he 'Raging River', gazed lovingly at the two pandas JiaJia (female - slept with her back to us) and AnAn (male - who came and sat right in front of us with a huge bunch of bamboo and delicately plucked each leaf off till he had a whole bunch to chomp - show off!), finally bought our digital camera (after checking in 4 shops and comparing prices a zillion times!) - so pictures are coming to this blog soon!
Bhua: father's sister or aunt

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