Monday, January 24, 2005

A saturday evening at Dalchini

It was a busy weekend but the highlight of it was a fabulous meal of Indian-Chinese food.

Chinese food in London is usually characterised by smells quite subtle, quite chines-y. The chinese food you get in India, on the other hand, is a wonderful blend of the ingredients [that may have chinese connections] and strong flavours that are the hallmark of Indian food. For desi's who are parted from the food of their country by geographical complications, certain tastes and smells are divine. In London the one place where desi's will feel right at home is Dalchini (147 Arthur Road, WImbledon Park). Its a place V & I have come to enjoy very much.

On Saturday night we joined 8 of our friends [all desi like us] for an evening of Indo-chinese delghts. It's comendable that all 5 couples made it to Dalchini [and very nearly on time] as being located in Wimbledon Park it is really the opposite end of where any of us live. So for coming from the far corners of London and many tube rides away, I thank you all.

To the food: we had a multitude of starters and main dishes, all with reassuringly known names such as schezuan chicken, hakka noodles, chilli potato, vegetable fried rice, crispy lamb. Each dish was well prepared, flavoured to suit our very Indian palates and with no crisis over the food, it was a meal with laughter and great conversation.

Dalchini is the perfect antidote for a desi's homesickness in London. Nothing like great food that reminds one of home!

We ended the evening by stopping of at Brogans in Fulham Broadway. It turned out to be a lovely pub playing very 80's music (recognisable to us oldies!) and was a great ending to a delightful evening.

Dalchini: 147 Arthur Road, Wimbledon Park Tel: 020 8947 8885
Brogans: 1, Fulham Broadway, London, SW6 1AA Tel: 020 7385 2003


  1. I drive from Seattle, WA, USA to Vancouver, Canada just to eat at 'Green Lettuce', which serves Indian Chinese food. I know what you are talking about :-)

  2. So, is this a Chinese restaurant or an Indian restaurant? I have found some such restaurants in NY, but most of those are actually Chinese restaurants which cater to Indian taste (by adding lots of curry powder :-) ). Anyway, you made me hungry :):).

  3. Parth, yes just the smell and taste is enough to drive/ tube it all the way!!!! Only homesick desi's really understand the need for Indian-chinese every once ina while!

    KL, always a good sign if a description makes you hungry! It's a chinese restaurant run by an Indian guy, Udit Sarkhel (who also has other restuarants in London)but the food is not chinese with curry powder. It's a hybrid of chinese food with a variety Indian spices thats unique to India. Simply yum!