Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Is your blog your letter home?

I was/ am not about to put out my real name on the blog to start with or anytime soon. I like the idea of being a bit anonymous and an unknown quantity. Things known are perfunctory: age 29, lives in London. All other things remain irelevant (at the moment) and will probably emerge as I continue to blog.

Initially the plan was to use the blog as a notepad (for myself) to write down interesting day to day happenings, bits of news that catch my eye, foodie stuff, holiday stuff etc. Then the plan also assimilated the thought of moving away from a monthly e-mail that I write to about 100 family & friends. Now that it's here I'm not sure if this will adequately fill the void of email as that is a much more personal month-to-month recital on our lives. I am reluctant to give up the letter writing because its my way of staying in touch with everyone I know outside London. But I am also bored of it because I've been doing it for over a year and very few people actually ever reply at any length. Maybe I will email round the idea and see what the reaction is....or maybe not. Any ideas anyone? Is your blog your letter home?