Saturday, November 28, 2015

Make me happy

Saturday. Grumpy. Earlier I couldn't find clothes for fat people. Now turns out my feet are fat too. Lady in shop laughed when I mentioned the size of my paddles. Said 'best have made can'. 

Unfortunately it's suddenly turned to winter. Turns out I turfed out all my winter clothes in the excitement of tropical Singapore. So no fat people clothes or shoes in my useless wardrobe. At least I own one coat for when it gets to freezing.

Meanwhile hobo lady look: tracks, t-shirts, jeans, pajama bottoms, random shawls, ridiculous socks and Birkenstocks. As per usual, only messier. Grumpy. It's the perfect face to match. 


  1. Ugh. Remind me not to go shopping in HK ever - my feet are boats! And even as a relatively svelte size 16 ten years ago, finding clothes to fit me in Singapore was very nearly impossible. Cant see that HK would be any easier. *sigh* I guess they send all their fat clothes to the UK - yay for me.

  2. Marks and Spencer is always good for the bigger sizes, including shoes, and also H&M. Zara is good for clothes but not shoes, too narrow. Those market shoes in Stanley also have larger sizes for casual clothes.