Friday, November 27, 2015

Five is a good number

It wasn't as I imagined it would be and that is mainly because I missed most of it. 

Five years ago today my brother, Nik, got married. I had Kid, who at just over 1year and 4months, was a creature of habit. I got to Delhi in plenty of time for the wedding and so thankfully I got to participate in the run up to the big day. Beside watching a wedding ceremony the great excitement was the gathering of family in the days before. All my beloved cousins, aunts and uncles, my Nani, mama's and maiji's, neices and nephews. Full house and an absolute riot!

The dancing baraat and noise and crowd of people was beyond Kids coping mechanism and I spent most of the evening comforting one tired and over excited and over whelmed child. I missed the jaimal. I missed most of the actual ceremony, making it to the mandap for about 20 minutes in the middle. Eventually Kid passed out from exhaustion in the hotel room ( where I left him with V) we had booked in the same place as the festivities and so I did manage to eat a late dinner with the beautiful bride and my brother and their closest friends. And as we sat there enjoying dinner and jokes and each other's company I remember thinking how lucky they were to be surrounded by so much goodwill. 

But what I remember most 5 years on, is not all of that early angst of missing out on most of their biggest moment. Instead it is the look on both their faces. The look of both love and friendship and joy in celebrating and sharing this moment with each other and being held in the hearts of all the people they hold dear there that evening. 

The milestone is not 5 years, Nik and P. It is every single day of navigating the world with a person you love more than life itself by your side. It was a great wedding as the photographs often remind us. What I wish for you though is many many years of a stupendously good marriage. 

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