Sunday, November 29, 2015

Today's 5

1. Crazy weather swings saw us all back in shorts and tshirts again today. Some reprieve from the awful and disheartening shopping trip of yesterday.

2. I am trying to avoid being badgered into making a life changing decision. It's not V or Kid making me choose but an outside party who seems to think everyone should have their e x a c t same life. It's not a decision I am willing to commit to at the moment and I'm trying hard to be diplomatic and defer the decision. Sorry I'm being cryptic but I know everyone is one or the other side of this fence and really I don't need anymore opinions at this point. I have to trust that my own is right for me.

3. Did something to my ankle when I walked last week. It's achy and I've stayed home for most of the day , sipping cups of tea and digesting digestive biscuits. A good nights sleep and regular service of Busy household will resume tomorrow.

4. Only 3 more weeks till school closes for the year. It's a packed 3 weeks though with school concerts and class parents participation etc all in the offing. 

5. Today is to be noted for posterity because after weeks of wobbly tooth this morning Kid's tooth finally fell out. While he was brushing and telling me how he didn't want me to yank it out like his friends had been. Gums feel weird. Most adorable note and cleaned tooth safely under the pillow. Excuse me while I go find out what the HK tooth fairy gives a 1st tooth. 

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