Sunday, May 22, 2005

a road divides....

...two completely contrasting buildings....

This beautiful building is the 'Berliner Dom', a truly magnificant catherdral Posted by Hello

The Zweifel is opposite the road from the Berliner Dom. Large, squat and very ugly. Posted by Hello

Whoever built the Zweifel obviously never looked across the road to the centuries old Dom for inspiration!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Back and Berlin

It’s me. I’m back. And possibly with a vengeance. So many things to blog about and no computer access to vent via. All that has changed. Our laptop is back after a long and thorny battle with Sony. It seems to have been repaired this time. Touchwood.

So much stuff has happened in the past 20 days that I am almost at a loss about where to start. Almost, not absolute. So here goes….

V and I were in Berlin around the 20th of April; me to spend my last few days at my job (yes, I am now gainfully unemployed!) enjoying the end of a wonderful project and V enjoying my company. Almost everyone from the charity I worked at also made the journey to Berlin and resultantly we had some very memorable evenings. Berlin is a striking city with massive buildings and tank –width streets demarcating east from west. We didn’t sightsee in any organised manner, just taking in a few of the sights as we wandered around with friends. Will definitely have to go back and do the sightseeing thing. The highlight of the trip for me was a wonderful champagne & strawberry surprise afternoon tea party organised by my boss and colleagues. Completely unexpected and a most wonderful ending to two year’s at this organisation. My going away gift is precious, a lasting memento from my time there - it is a wonderful framed collage of pictures (of everyone I’ve worked with) with a backing of messages from each person. All my friends, my British family! Gawwwsh I so miss it!

Came back from Berlin and in a quick 2 day turn around, unpacked, re-packed and left for India. Touchdown in Delhi on the 27th of April and into the arms of my doting parents. Lovely hot sun baking the earth, bouncing the sparkling light off all the surfaces. Simply wonderful. My India trip needs a post of its own, well thought out and detailed. Till then....

Oh, and just one restaurant to recommend from our time in Berlin (It's Thai not German food, but hey the most surprising things turn up in unexpected places):

Phuket Thai Restaurant: Mehringdamm 67, 10961 Berlin. Tel: 030 69532855