Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kitchen Confidential - 8

The In-between: This is when the appliances arrived and the new floor (a soft ivory travatine) was being laid.

The very small dining area just outside the kitchen (L-shaped dining/ living) is going to feel a lot more a part of the kitchen than before, what with the doorway being completely opened up. Also on the other side of the dining room, bang opposite the kitchen, is a fake wall with glass outside and insulation between the two. This is completely out of sync with the remaining bank of windows that enclose our dining/ living area. They have taken the wall down and left just the very dirty glass with bits of insulation stuck to it (from years of the elements beating at it). We shall have to replace the glass eventually (another cost not really factored in). I'm not going to post a picture of the dining room or this window but I wanted to just mention it because that's the flood of light you see falling on the kitchen floor. (Note: The picture in the previous post was taken at night, therefore the poor lighting. My kitchen has no windows but natural light floods in from the bank of windows opposite. This final panel of glass will bring in even more light)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kitchen Confidential - 7

The In-between: This is the picture of the shell of the kitchen. With the units and appliances pulled out, part of the floor removed and the doorway widened. Two corner electric and other pipe boxes in the far corner and near the doorway were removed to create smaller boxes and add on a bit extra counter space. When one can't have a kitchen island the few extra inches of counter space must sufice.

No apologies for the long silence - we've been enjoying the lovely spring summer sunshine and days in the park feature far more importantly than this blog.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Kitchen Confidential - 6

The before: There is nothing wrong with this kitchen besides the fact that it is bog standard (not always a bad thing) and plain boring (in my opinion only). Also it is showing the wear and tear of the past 10 odd years since this development was built and is identical to every other kitchen in every apartment here.

This picture was taken the day after we moved in - subsequently we covered every surface and cupboard with our stuff, added in a same-as-cupbaord-doors-boring-brown sideboard (to hold yet more 'stuff') and then added all the plastic of the world that our child seems to need (bottles, sterilisers, plates, spoons and every kind of water cup made in the universe). With all our combined stuff and years of service this kitchen was groaning and creeking. For some tlc and a serious diet induced by having to sort things out and chuck chuck chuck before the Big Renovation.