Sunday, February 18, 2018

We are here

This week we are in Kenya. A few days in the foothills of the Ngong Hills of Nairobi, home to the coffee plantations of Karen Blixen and setting of the movie ‘Out of Africa’. Today, we are on the equator - not far from Mt. Kenya and enjoying the game drives in a rhino conservancy. Tomorrow we head to Masai Mara. 

Kenya and specifically safaris have long been on V and my bucket lists. We visited Tanzania/ Zanzibar in our young married life and I’d still venture to say that was a defining vacation for us. We then visited Morocco just before we left London. That was another type of vacation with a small child and showed us a very different aspect of this vast continent. I’ve also grown up on stories from my dads travels and years of living in myriad places like Nigeria and Sudan. In some way I think a trip to Kenya has long been on our list but I imagined it was about 5 years away, in Kids teenage years. It was a magic moment, of the stars aligning,  of all things working out at the right time that has meant we are here, finally. Many years ahead of schedule.

So far Kenya is everything we imagined. Full of smiling, gracious people, vast blue skies and a lush green coat despite being dry and on the final countdown for the impending monsoons in March. I’m so very happy I am here. I ❤️ Kenya.