Thursday, June 04, 2015

Tale of two cakes

The Balloons arrived. She had done a great job, listening to my brief, and produced 4 'minion clouds'. 

can't tell you how wonderful the party was. It went to schedule, all 38 kids that showed up were polite and seemed to have a great time. We played in the pool for an hour (3-4pm); or rather the kids played while our young High School student, a qualified lifeguard (I hired him for the hour) watched on and the mums and dad sat and chatted poolside. I had loads of pool inflatables and diving rings and fish for the Kids and baby ducks and floaties for the littlies in the small pool. 

Then everyone got out of the pool, changed and helped carry up the inflatables. 

We played two games; minion bowling (best game ever) and pin the pocket on the minion (bought off amazon). 

Please do not miss the minion duct tape marking the bowling lane! Best purchase ever.

Then it was time to eat but before I show you our laden table I must show you our cakes. Simple sheet cake with 'water and the beach' icing and crumble, topped with minions megablocks assembled by Kid. Super simple but looked fabulous. And tasted divine. Not a crumb remained from the party. 

We turned on Despicable me 2 for the kids to chill out to while they ate. Parents snacked on the Indian goodies I had catered. Then we cracked open the piƱata full of m&ms, mini Mars and kit kats, chocolate wafers and smartie rolls and distributed return presents and game prizes. Everyone left by 5.30pm, exactly on time. We tidied like crazy, vacuumed, mopped, put away food, took down decorations, chatted with our houseguest and my brother in law, got an overexcited and very tired Kid ready for bed. Then the exhaustion of not having been well and of being on the move all day hit me. I spent the next two days recovering, taking long naps and chilling out at home, eating left overs and reading. 

I can't tell you how wonderful the party was. Till next time.....

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