Monday, June 15, 2015

In a month

...I will be 40. Always 30 in 2005 but an added 40 in 2015. Gosh I feel like I should feel old. I look back at some of my earlier writing and I'm shocked by the childish nature of it, shocked by how many friends this blog has made me and shocked by how I've grown in maturity.

I'm processing all the things that are going on at the moment in a very busy life, making plans for the future and pondering the best ways to celebrate what is surely a milestone of sorts. And even though my body has recently boarded the shuttle bus for Old People-ville, my heart and mind are strangely walking, no, make that running in the opposite direction. I feel in control and as if the cliche of 'age is but a state of mind' might actually apply here. Isn't that weird? I am known for my curmudgeonly outlook, my realist views and a not so optimistic inclination but as I approach the 40s I am strangely filled with confidence and hope and joy and interest. How can the 40s beat what have been a wonderful decade of 30s? I can't wait to find out. 

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  1. Growing older is no bad thing! I guess contentment creeps up on us, over the years and decades, especially if we have mostly made choices that we are happy with. Happy forties to you.