Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Singapore 2: reading material

Not sure how but I managed to travel
across the continents without a book to read. The Tiger who came to tea
does not help. Especially because I cannot read it (I recite now having read it about 12 million times).

Jetlag and the dramatic change of temperature meant it was about 5 days before I noticed the lack of reading material.

With the aim of rectifying this terrible injustice (insignificant in the face of world peace and famine but much like a famine for my mind) I legged it to Kinukonya which is a fabulous bookshop in the famous takashimaya shopping mall. Resisted the purchase of Joseph Anton and Casual Vacancy (too new and expensive) and bought two other books instead - Am reading 'may we be forgiven' by A.M. Homes to start with. Shockingly these two cost me $42. Thats £21. Brings into sharp focus how expensive this city state is.

Am very pleased that our shipment has arrived and is only awaiting an apartment to be confirmed before being delivered and unpacked. It's chock a block full of new books. I kept amazon propped up before our packers arrived. Can't wait to see my books and am only going through my two new books slowly so that I don't have to spend another $40 too soon!


  1. Oh, those books are expensive. I remember the Kino bookstore from Tokyo. Fabulous place. Looking forward to reading more about your new life in Singapore.

  2. Shilpa2:12 PM

    Long time silent reader of your blog. Coincidentally we moved to Singapore from London 1.5 months ago. Still grappling with the heat, although it's not been as bad as I thought it would be.
    Good luck here!

  3. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Do join the National Library @ Singapore, they have an awesome collection, a branch in every locality and membership is really cheap.

  4. What about a kindle?