Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Singapore 1: the jetlag

So near on a week in lush tropical Singapore. Flight over was pretty good and we all had about 8 of the 12 hours to sleep. Huge big comfortable beds made it a blissful slumber - I didn't even get through my first movie without dropping off! Kid was impeccably behaved thanks to a well timed and executed bribery with Thomas trains plan. Pat on the back thank you. Mini meltdown as we came out of the airport but for the 15 hours before being tear and scream free that was but a small aberration.

Staying in utter comfort at V's brothers home - ready made companion of cousin with similar taste in toys (trains and cars) has made it brilliant for the Kid. He's having showers, playing, fighting and generally loving the attention. This is the reason we moved, sibling fathers and sibling sons.

Our body clocks are crazy though. Every night is different and some we are awake till 3am, some we are asleep at 5pm. We are having random naps and struggling to catch a whole night of rest.

We have done 4 days of house hunting. More on that later.

At the moment all I can say is that we are here and are not missing London but certainly missing our friends..... Hello Singapore!


  1. 'not missing London...'


  2. Hahahaha to Broom's comment! Congratulations on making the journey over with virtually no trouble. Good luck with the house hunting. I am envious of your sibling fathers/sibling sons situation!