Monday, February 04, 2008

02.02.08 (and 08.08.02) and other bits

I like symmetry. This is a well documented fact of my life. So when V and I became 'an uncle' with the birth of V's brother's son on Saturday the 2nd, all I was thinking of was how his parents now had one each, a granddaughter and a grandson and how happy this must make them. They of the beautiful wedding day have had the son. And of course we already are 'an aunt' with this young lady. So when father of the daughter, eldest brother in the trio called to tell us that he had noticed his girl was born on 08.08.02 and that new son of middle brother is born on 02.02.08 it was an additional bit of something-like-symmetry. Life is good.


I saw her post and left a comment. Now I'm turning that comment into a part of this post, just so I remember I said it:

What is with boys and excel sheets? I was moaning about not going to the gym enough and V quickly drummed up an excel sheet with calculations of how much it costs if I go 1 day a week/ 2 days a week/ 3 get the picture. And then decided that he qould do an hourly breakdown as well. Now I am motivated (just a bit, to get my money’s worth from the gym) and a little scared (of what power an excel sheet has over V). In case you are interested I went 4 days in each of the last 3 weeks. Motivated or what?


In an effort to keep at bay any winter blues we've been entertaining and being entertained like crazy every weekend in January. Last weekend it was gaggle of girls (and partners and one very sweet baby girl) for dinner at Chez 33 - I think a success. At least for me, seeing as I had both a good time and a big box of barfi to midnight snack on for the next few days. This weekend it was a 30th birthday celebration for a friend about an hour from London. Loads of food and yakking and one large doggie bag later we were home, too buzzed to do anything but stay awake till 4am calling new baby's parents and anyone who'd be awake in India. Today we zoomed off for lunch with a friend, eating till rolling full at the marvellous Raavi Kebab in Drummond Street before stocking up on groceries from the shelves of the Spice shop. Came back in desperate need of an afternoon nap. The kind where you sleep while it's bright and wake up only when dark, disoriented, disbelieving of the time and in a panic about dinner and unsure about the plan for tomorrow. (I had promised my colleagues savoury homemade goodies for tea break tomorrow; sadly it'll have to be store bought). And YAY we are done with January! This is skin deep YAY-ness as deep down I believe February is far worse, but I have a plan. We have not a spare minute (or rather very very few) in our social/ work diaries nearly until May. This includes a short holiday, business travel for both, lunches/ dinners at our home and restaurants and other peoples homes, birthday parties for 1 year olds and 30 year olds and those in between and beyond, movies, a concert and general goofing off beside undying dedication to the gym (Hahaha). With any luck before I can say Jack Sprat it'll be spring.


  1. whoa, slow down! I dont want the year to zoom by! Time's rushing by as it is, for us 35-plus folks...

  2. Anonymous6:48 PM

    So glad you are posting more often!

  3. Its just seems to be becoming colder and colder. Well, atleast the days are getting longer. I've had this roller coaster schedule since the beginning of the year ... but now am so tired.. I need another holiday!

  4. Anonymous9:57 PM

    2)Yes, A is obsessed by spreadsheets too 9so is his dad)
    3) This giggle from the gaggle had great fun

  5. Where are you off to on holiday?

  6. There is just no escaping this gym business is there? Dang! Now you've got me feeling guilty!

  7. Shyam: I don't want the year to zoom by (mainly as I am deliriously close to the aforementioned age group). What I do want is for winter to zoom by and then for time to stop/ elastisize in spring/ summer.

    Southways: And you too!

    Pea: Not as bad as it was when I first got here. Wiat, is that because I am used to it or is it all global colding? Everyone needs another holiday...

    MG: Thanks. Dad too eh? Glad to hear it.

    Mint: India

    Iz: Where are you - why no blogging? There is no escaping sadly....once it becomes routine you barely notice it (see what a good liar I am?!)