Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A wedding day

Five years ago this day the day dawned bright and blue skied. In one Kolkata household the Groom got ready, resplendent in his wedding clothes, adorned with a smile. In a home on the other side of Kolkata the Bride was being dressed by her sister and sister-in-law, in clothes and jewels fit for a queen, her heart overjoyed by the thought of this day finally having arrived.

At mid-morning, under an exquisite pandal of bright red tube roses, they were wed. It was a morning of continued celebration as they then signed their names in affirmation of this relationship, witnessed by the smiling faces of their families and friends. An outstanding lunch left every guest wishing they could shed their finery for more comfortable stretchy clothes.

The afternoon gave guests time to recover from all that food and get ready for the evening reception of schmoozing, gift giving and renewed eating that ensued. As with all weddings the official photographer milled around, positioning people strategically, snapping away with pre-conceived ideas on how to compile the best possible album ready to commemorate the day. The Groom and his two brothers stood in front of the still fresh tube rose pandal (in the not so hot, not so cold Kolkata winter air) to have their photograph taken – interlaced with the women in their lives - the Groom gazing at his new bride, the eldest brother with his wife and the youngest brother by his own soon-to-be-bride. A photograph for posterity. A snapshot of smiling content faces.

This morning I took that framed photograph off the shelf and looked at it to help me remember. Remember the day, remember the beautiful clothes, remember the smiles, remember the moments of pure unadulterated happiness. Remember to call that Groom & his Bride to wish them a wonderful fifth anniversary. I was the bride-to-be, now the sister-in-law.

Happy Anniversary R &T!!


  1. aww... !
    weddings are fun...

  2. Anonymous12:57 AM

    I love old group photographs.

  3. :-) That was warm and fuzzy.

  4. My weddings a blur of meeting millions (atleast it seemed like it) of people. Till date, supposed strangers come up to me and say "Hi. Don't you remember me. I am a friend of your mother. I met you at your wedding."

  5. That was really sweet!
    And what a coincidence, I chanced upon my wedding DVD 2 days ago, and couldn't help watching for a bit. I can't believe there were so many people, and by the end of it all, I and The Boy looked so tired, and yet so happy! Wonderful memories...

  6. Red tuberoses?
    Perhaps through the rose-tinted glasses.

    The planet where I live, they're white.
    And this post should come with an insulin shot.

  7. Such a lovely post! :)

  8. Anonymous1:44 AM


    That was beautiful. The day seems so much more special when you write about it like that!
    Thanks SIL ! It's a fab present. Hugs, hugs and more hugs!

    (I think memories of the wedding day are far more enjoyable than the wedding itself! wot say?)

  9. Beks: Yes indeed they are...

    Pea: So do I - especially when I have lost touch with some of teh people in them , looking makes me want to go and find out what they are upto now....

    John: Thanks

    Parth: That was the intention - it is a hideous winter out here and warm and fuzzy are on the agenda

    Rohini: Hahaha! Apparently that is why they video everything inlcuding the dazed bride and groom!!

    Nee: Lovely....we never had a video/ DVD and only a few pics. So all our memories are purely our own!

    AQC: Are you sure it's not AQ Grouch? Just kidding. Yes, I must admit this blog is warm and fuzzy and if you don't like then luckily there is no compulsion to read!!! And yes there are red tube roses on my planet - I'm surprised you have never seen any....as for insuling shots, sorry!!!

    Sonal: Thanks.

    T: I had a blast at your shaadi so this was hardly a chore...I guess memories make everything seem so lovely. But selective memory is just the beauty of the mad rush, right??!!!