Thursday, October 05, 2017

Impossible endless rabbit holes

A public holiday. Woke up and unearthly o’clock. Pushed myself to go for my once a week exercise class - yoga. S ubsequently have done nothing beside put together a very basic lunch (tuna salad for the adults, tuna quesadillas for Kid) and watch a lot of TV: Incredibles (with Kid) and lots of recorded shows. 

House looks like a tornado has hit it. Cushions are nowhere to be seen - I hear they are subbing as cages for stuffed animals. V sorted out a drawer full of papers and has left piles of papers to be filed. The dining table is covered in stuff - and a lot of it is mine: Books, stationery, presents, papers and just s.t.u.f.f. It seems impossible to keep this house tidy. It was my plan today to tackle some of this - taking pictures of things to give away to post, putting things in their place and figuring out how much I actually use and need to keep. It’s like IKEA all over again - Im always surrounded by stuff I don’t necessarily need but always always want.I feel like I’m always sorting stuff out and yet the piles of things we own have no end. I wish I could do a minimalist challenge - giving away the bulk of our things, like a 100 day challenge. But then I sit down on the day bed with a cup of tea and all thoughts of tidying and sorting vanish.

Thankfully, tomorrow is another day.

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