Saturday, December 12, 2015

When I don't set myself challenges...

...I get lazy.

List of random things:
1. My aunt and uncle celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. We couldn't celebrate with them as their plans to come celebrate in India were scuppered by ill health. But from here and all over India they were being sent love. The pictures of their celebration with my cousin B and his family in the US were lovely. I'm hoping we can celebrate in 2016.

2. Tomorrow, the 13th, is my cousin B's birthday. Join me in wishing her a very happy birthday. When sisters were being given out I won the ultimate prize. Have an amazing day. You keep me sane.

3. Our lovely two sided clock from the Rail museum in Delhi is giving up the ghost. The mechanism on one side is faulty and this is leading to some hilarious confusions with Kid who is just about learning to read the time. 

4. Kid had his Christmas concert last night. We lucked out with seats 3 rows back but right in front of him. Lots of waving when they got into their rows. It was amazing listening to the 1st and 2nd Graders singing and reciting poems and carols and songs. A gymnasium full of innocent and joyful and enthusiastic voices. It was just the right length (25 minutes for each Grade); a wonderful evening where for once I took no pictures or video (part of my technological paring down especially in his presence) putting nothing between myself and my child but my absolute attention and focus on him and his classmates. I'm happy to rely on the school recording, his memory of the evening and the burst of joy I saved in my heart. It was a gym full of pride and love and innocence - if one could package that it would be priceless. 

5. I'm clearly terrible with keeping up. I have a few drafts I'll get to soon but really in January I need a new plan. I'm thinking a picture a day and some writing to go with it. Pictures of my house, this city and my life. Any opinions? 


  1. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Glad to see you back to writing. A very, very heartfelt congratulations to your amazing aunt and uncle on their 50th and my wishes for 50 more at least to come. Now every time I think 15 years with M seem like eons I will remember them and smile:) and to B lots of love on her happy budday. You are sure lucky.

    I was kinda hoping that childhood traditions post was marking the beginning of a series. Loved it so much. But hey, I'll settle for anything you write, notes on your new life in HK, the adjustments, opinions, observations, brat et all accompanied by photos would go down a real treat. I hope you go for it, if nothing else it will be a chronicle of your early times in a new city for you to savor someday eh.


    Ps a happy x'mas to brat, you and yours followed by a great new year ahead.