Friday, July 10, 2015

Starting early, starting well.

Just so you know, in the real world I'm hotly denying all knowledge or happening of my birthday next Wednesday. No answering the phone, replying to texts and whatsapp. Just head in the sand. Or a book.

But for the sake of this ageing blog I will do anything. And so tonight in an effort to begin the celebrations I and V have polished off delicious steaks with sides of creamed spinach and herbed fries at Cut by Wolfgang Puck. Followed by this beauty:

A chocolate molten cake with cream and ice cream on it. Trust me this picture does not show you how big this is. It's a small saucepan, like the size of a small child's head. And bitter and sweet. Divine. 

Starting tomorrow it's birthday week, people. I'm celebrating turning 40 only for blog fodder, not because it marks a decade. I'm so selfless (haha). 


  1. Happy birthday week! The dessert looks fabulous. Enjoy.

  2. Happy birthday. BTW, you and I have birthdays just a few days apart :)

  3. Dipali, it was just that - fabulous!

    Parth, a very happy one in that case!

    And thank you both!