Saturday, December 13, 2014

Black and white and red all over

As I stood at the condo gate at stupid o'clock (6.50am to be precise) this morning I was only half paying attention to the Kid who was excitedly telling me all about his concert this afternoon. I smiled, nodded enthusiastically, kissed him, hugged him and promised to be at school, his personal cheerleader, brownies in hand, by 1pm. But really, inside I was half asleep. 

He got on the bus and as I waited for it to pull away I noticed how lovely the light was. I took this picture to remind myself of these early mornings. How we have changed from a family of stragglers at 7.45am to an efficient buzzing household at 6am. This is what Big School is all about: we pay them a hefty fee and they teach us a hefty lesson. Early to bed early to rise? An early start is an enthusiastic start. One can accomplish so much at the crack of dawn. And various others adages that escape my sleep deprived mind. 

As he completes 4 months at Big School and approaches his last week before a 3 week winter break I find I am the most pleased. Only 1 more week of classes for 2014. This has been the term of getting used to this new early routine. And as beautiful as this old Singapore Black and White House opposite our condo gate is I am most thankful for the break from seeing it at unearthly o'clock five days a week.

Lots of lie-ns for mum = happy holidays!!

Written on Friday (12th) and posted a day late!

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