Sunday, September 08, 2013

Singapore's 52 lunches - the preamble

So. It seems I need to get a life. It's all so slow paced at the moment that I feel like an old world black and white silent movie actor jerkily wandering along the screen in ever small circles.

This poor blog seems to be in a cotton wool ball of fuzziness. I need to sharpen my keyboard skills and wake up. So between talking about life and books and many other things, I'm going to write about my complicated feelings about Singapore food. Be afraid. Very afraid. Not.

Um no. I'm just going to write / photograph the various Sunday brunch/ lunch places we are eating our way through. Remember I told you about one of the most important reasons for our move was to be closer to our family? Well, that's working well. V and his bro are super close anyway and I see how much our only child loves their only child. Brothers, twins and best friends - that's what the 5 and 4 year old say when asked who they are to each other. It's very endearing. We try and spend huge chunks of the weekend together. And Sunday lunch is usually one of those. For most of the last year we have been following a small circuit of tried and tested eateries - a dumpling place (that does Veggie dumplings), a Mexican place and a Japanese place (that both have loads of Veggie options) - V's sis in law is vegetarian and loves all three places. 

I have to say that they have become our go to places especially because we know  the kids will eat a variety of things and we know the menu blindfolded. But to be honest I'm bored. Life seems sedate in my world. I'm tossing ideas of what I want to do now that we've been here 11 months. All this blah (outside) and whirring (inside) made me decide a few weeks ago that I was done with the 3 standard places for Sunday lunch. So I've embarked on a programme of Sunday lunches. I've made a list (that's how bored I am) and there are 52 places I'd like to try over the next year. 

So preamble over. It's chow time. 


  1. Yum! Looking forward to it!

  2. Dumpling place! Please share name/address? Thanks.

  3. Anonymous11:06 AM

    What CW said...please share name and address of the veggie dumpling place..thank you!

  4. Din tai fung do a mean veggie dumpling basket ladies! Not all branches - marina bay sands, I12 Katong and paragon for sure.

  5. They also have some great greens sautéed with garlic and dry noodles in special sauce that is vegetarian. If you eat eggs that's the best egg fried rice money can buy.

  6. Looking forward to the list!