Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Five IX

1. Clearly, time flies. I have been tardy tardy tardy. Slap on knuckles with ruler. I shall be better. I missed you internet and my peeps, I did, I did.

2. It turns out that daycare, no matter how clean or efficient or well run, is the playground of germs and children. This happy mix has left some of us with colds, high temperatures and now hacking coughs. Endless trips to doctors, calls to NHS direct and doses of antibiotics. Loads of sleep interrupted nights. All somewhat the reason for tardiness.

3. Have a bunch of memory box thingies in my drafts, waiting to be finessed or for missing detail to come back to me in a rare moment of lucidity. I shall try and do one a week for the next 4 weeks to get back on track.

4. I recently spent (or should I say wasted) an entire day at the Indian High Commission. I am writing this down as a play in multiple parts, so surreal was my day. Shout out to Shoefiend for trudging out to meet me, bolster my spirits with a margherita and listen to my many rants at lunch time.

5. Did I say I missed you? It's spring and when I spend so many hours with the face turned upward to the sun I guess my brain turns a bit woozy, sleepy and lazy. I apologise. I am writing, I promise.....

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  1. Sorry to hear about the daycare troubles. I have catalogued mine in some post before. You should enlighten us on the NHS experience though. Very curious to compare notes, given all this hullabaloo over the health care system differences.