Saturday, January 09, 2010

Resolutions past

The first week of a new decade over and done with - a bit quick don't you think? All a giant blur in face of rubbish Dell laptop and endless screaming at their poor employees via phone while small child purses lips and refuses to eat ANYTHING. I can already see how the tone of this year, if not decade, is set.

So very quickly on resolutions past:
1. Learn to de-clutter: Tried. Valiently. But did not count on arrival of small person and all their clutter.My once 'good sized' home now looks like a small hovel made of hideous plastic toys and fluffy animals.
2. Read read read: Bought a second bookshelf. Unsurprised to find that it is already full. And I have stacks lying on the side, homeless. Not inspired to try much writing though. Have ideas but too chicken.
3. Treat my friends and acquaintances better: Was ruthless about people taking advantage, expecting me to call, takers not givers – I cut them out. And seriously pared down the ridiculous numbers on Facebook, giving email and the many phones their chance.
4. Host yet more convivial meals: More or less the same as the previous year which I came to realise was very hectic with socialising. More than I imagined considering the second half of the year brought us a whole new timetable and takeaway menus to keep up with the upkeep of a small child.
5. Slow down with the blogging. But try not to stop. Stop being obsessed by blogs. And by people who write them: Yes. Yes. Yes. And Yes. Although I was not much less harsh about other people's crap. Only now I do it in private and learn to temper my feelings with the 'to each their own' philosophy!
6. People watch: Failed miserably. Basically I have no time to stop and smell the roses. More like daipers these days.

Resolutions future is nearly there although not quite. List should be up tomorrow or Sunday. I guess not putting everything off all the time ( I have so many book and restaurant reviews in draft stage it is frightening!) should make that list....


  1. Uttara10:41 PM

    Come and survey my clutter some time, don't mind if small person adds plastic and fragrant diapers to it.

  2. Anonymous5:38 AM

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  3. Anonymous7:16 AM

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  4. Hi, back here after a very long time---like your 17th century computer, mine was also down. Just got repaired--and we've ordered a Dell laptop, and THEN I read your post that you weren't happy with it! Sigh!It was great to read your posts, esp. since nothing much has been happening with me---definition of humdrum!