Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Five VIII

1. I'm ready for spring. Never have truer words been spoken. If I see another snowflake or sleet stone hit my windows before next winter I might scream. Long and loud. Not losing my temper as part of my resolutions is really hard to keep in sh*t weather where the grey outside sometimes tranfers itself inside. To remedy feelings of gloom I intend on planting some small evergreen succulents. And putting them on a high shelf where crawling creatures cannot venture.

2. This year I am all gung-ho about sending my friends gifts and random things in the mail. A few of them already got the scrummy little calender refills from etsy (although most were handed over in person). And now I have about 6 more ideas of things to buy online and get sent off directly. Wait for your birthdays or just random days for a surprise in the post.

3. The main idea of de-cluttering is not just to organise what we have stashed away like jewel thieves (mainly paper!) but to come to a path where I don't need to be surrounded by stuff stuff and more stuff. So I'm organising and getting filing for one but also abandoning a variety of things I can easily live without. It's difficult, this learning to live with what I need and only a little of what I want (i.e. not buying every beautiful thing I see to adorn shelves/ walls etc.) So throughout the year I am going to implement ideas to organise and de-clutter and to keep me on my toes I am going to blog it. And post pictures.

4. I was afraid to put this down as a resolution because I am pretty sure it isn't going to be an easy one to follow through. The bottomline is that I can no longer do without driving and after weeks of rubbish classes in India (which I never followed through) and a perpetual irrational fear of the roads, this is the year I am going to have to learn. I'm spending the first 3 months of the year psyching myself into it and getting on with some precursor paperwork that needs doing before I can apply but sometime this year I shall be behind the wheel of a car. I'm aiming to learn and get my licence before I turn 36 (in 2011, that's how long this project shall take I expect). Will you commiserate when I fail my driving test multiple times on the way?

5. I'm also startng a mini-series called Memory Box. I've had it in my head for a few years now (see, 2010 is totally about getting off my butt and follwing through!) to record incidents from my childhood before my brain caves in. I am also planning a paper version for my family in which I shall write down stories and incidents that are narrated by my dad and aunt. My first memory box story is already a draft.


  1. Memory Box is a wonderful idea. May I steal it?

    I completely agree about the weather. Keeping fingers crossed that we actually have a spring and a summer!

  2. Like most your other readers, am too a vagabonding desi troubled deeply by the english weather ! Completely echo your thoughts on spring (and summer).Fingers Crossed !

    Memory Box is such a great idea ! Will look forward to it....and if I can get my lazy self to write, shall write a few of my own. Would make such a lovely gift for family and future-self ! Thanks!

    much joy,

  3. Uttare: Steal away! I'm hoping for summer summer summer....

    Nirav: Write away! I'm enjoying shaking up my mind for small details.

  4. Anonymous5:54 AM


    What a lovely idea - memory box.

    And good luck for 4. One you start driving here, i think it is a lot better. I used to be terrified of roads and getting lost too before I started driving and now i love it.

  5. Anonymous6:24 PM

    I have forgotten what spring is like in London! I was in Delhi in early Jan and even there was no sun to speak off and couldn't even the sky(fog/smog)!

    Memory box sounds like a wonderful way to keep things warm :)