Thursday, April 23, 2009

Churning of the demented mind

Or things that make me mad with sadness/ grief/ anger. Take your pick.

1. Levels of respect: Behaviour of a certain family member who has not the time to attend a small family function (in spite of this having happened before and it being discussed to death last time and with me thinking that some gyan had been learnt) instead choosing to stay home and play cards with friends. The genius reasoning ‘I don’t know these people and I will never have to meet them’. Which is/ was not the point at all. Having bothered to swing by for even 30 minutes under false pretences of another function, or something, would have greatly pleased another family member. And to me that counts for a lot more.

2. Growing-up: The inability of someone to do things on their own. To break free of the confines of a protective upbringing. Missing out on the opportunity to explore something of the world and be their own individual person and instead dragging the person they love along under the pretense of inability to travel alone. Or pressure. I am not sure which. From experience of both traveling alone and with someone I love, I know that both these are equally fantastic experiences – each beautiful and empowering in a different way. And in my opinion this is the age and ideal circumstances to experience the first. But this is not my life and everyone has to make their own decisions/ mistakes. Sadly I have to be the bystander that watches them.

3. Neediness: I believe that everyone needs someone. Or rather people. Some need more, giant circles of people surrounding the. Others need fewer, a chosen few to sound out their lives. But the ways of getting to either point of people in ones life are varied and fraught with cliques, dislikes, likes, interests, shallowness, neediness and many many pit falls. I find that this topic is an often uncomfortable one. To talk about. Write about. And most of all, to be in. This is something a future, possibly my next post, will explore. It will reflect the unpleasant side of life in gaining people and I will not be gentle. Consider yourselves warned.

4. Of the 610 times that this blog was viewed since I last wrote what I thought was an interesting and informative and interactive post on gifts and minimalist gift wrapping, only 6 people bothered to leave a comment. And I know 3 of them. Even if I discount repeat viewers who stalk my blog each day because without it and a cup of coffee their day would not begin, mistaken viewers who came looking for information about Sachin Tendulkar (still my top viewed post!), and myself (let’s say that itself is 50%) looking to see who was looking/ commenting, that would leave us with about 100 individuals who either never give gifts, or get gifts, don’t believe in minimalism, don’t think the ideas were innovative, don’t like my blog, are too lazy, or just lurk and never de-lurk no matter what. And here I was, hoping that at the very least people who came to my blog were different people from the morons who agree with every word that comes out of certain bloggers mouths. And who leave 392 comments for drivel writing and simple photographs that are neither great nor scintillating yet elicit comments that make you wonder where all the good words and pictures went to die. (This is not jealousy - I wouldn’t want to be any of those bloggers if you paid me all the money in the world AND threw in a book deal). Up till this point I was thankful that I don’t live in the same world as the morons. Now I realise I just live in the world of lazy and uninspired. It makes me wonder why I am still blogging? And brings home how self-absorbed I am.

As you can tell I am in a bad mood.


  1. Wow! What an awesome post. You write so well. Can I make friendships with you?

  2. I am a lurking, non-commenting sort of reader. :(

    But I missed your last post. No way am I missing out on commenting on my gift preferences. So I'll do it now - it's a no-brainer. I want your time the next time I come to London :)

  3. Long time lurker, lazy-assed commenter. You write very well, bad moods notwithstanding.

    Erm..that'd be 'elicit' comments, no?
    (I'm lazy and I nitpick?)

  4. Guilty as charged. Established lurker...both lazy and uninspired. De-lurking to say I love your blog :)

  5. Anonymous8:31 PM of those whose mornings begins with coffee and a quick peek at your blog..terrible, terrible at commenting though..will try and remedy that!

  6. Anonymous3:06 AM

    Oy, why so grumpy? Aren't you glad that the people who read your posts are the deep, reflective, even if silent kind and not the ones who read drivel and respond with it?

    I've just negated that statement with this comment, haven't I? Sigh...


  7. Auntyji10:59 AM

    Please, please do not stop blogging!!
    I promise to leave comments in the future. Believe me you write really well, keep it up.

  8. Just because I look it I am really not opinionated.Cheer's there are people waiting to hear from you every morning

  9. Delurking-JUST to tell ya that I enjoy reading your reading your restaurent reviews,times in Dilli please continue blogging...:)

  10. restaurant...does this count as a comment?..I thought not...

  11. Anonymous10:16 AM

    I agree that many, like me, enjoy reading various blogs but do not comment. I failed to see it from the blogger perspective, where comment is a motivating factor to keep blogging.

  12. Broom: No I don't want frandsheeps with you!

    Ro: then it is time you shall have!

    CW: Made the change immediately. Thanks for pointing it out.

    N & Anon: I do not expect people to comment on every post but surely if a specific question or comment is asked for its not too much to expect that more than 2 people will leave comments. It's such a rare occasion.

  13. i come here on and off, possibly from ra's.

    used to live in ldn till last yr so love reading up abt it and abt folks who live there :)

    like your gift ideas. hmm.. lemme see, most of the times i take the easy way out and get books.