Thursday, April 24, 2008

Grey is back

I'm back. After two long weeks away from everything familiar, desperately lonely without my boy. It was a super trip except for the constant 24x7 headache and copious nosebleeds, thanks to the killer altitude. And except for the fact that my boy was one million miles away.

Bolivia is a fabulous country, its people warm and kind, its food just up my street, its winter weather cool and inviting. I met some fantastically inspiring people and bought back some trinkets to remind me of this opportunity of a lifetime. Especially after the hideous 24 hour journey to come home. It's taken multiple hot baths and hours of deep sleep to untangle my limbs and pull the exhaustion from my bones. But I'm finally here. In good old grey London. At work. Reminiscing about my adventure and sheer luck at having had a chance to visit life at 3500m above sea level.

Pictures are coming soon.


  1. I heard it just got warmer. Hope it stays that way... what's May usually like?

  2. Ro: Like every month of the year May is unpredictable. It was a sunny 20 deg yesterday - its a chilly and wet 10 degrees now. And believe me 'hope' is overrated and overused where the British weather is concerned.....Seeya!