Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I heart Etsy

I've long wanted a lovely desk calender to adorn my workspace, something to bring a smile to my face when I glance away from my computer screen & paper mountains on a busy working day. Bought this from Etsy (which is where I spend all my time and seemingly at LOT of the money earned by sitting at said desk) and it's arrived and looks brilliant perched next to my toy auto rickshaw (which I also heart). The fish in January is more mellow yellow than the orange the screen throws off.

So far I'm loving January.


  1. Anonymous12:08 AM

    i also want toy autorikshaw!!! 40in2006

  2. Ohkay.. so that's a year planner or something.. phew!! took me a while to figure that out.

  3. That's interesting, I can't remember the last time I consciously bought a calendar. For that matter, I don't know anyone who does. Until now :-)

  4. 40in2006: I will get Nik to organise!

    J: No, not planner. It's a calender and each square is a little card and each month sits before the other (prettily) in a table plastic holder. The picture is an illustration of all 12 months.

    Parth: true. In India I used to get hajaar calenders but here - not so much! Which is why I have had to resort to buying one. I prefer this because I use it EVERYDAY and its does NOT have someone's nonsense branding message/ logo. According to V it's a girl thing, this being unable to ignore the trying/ tiring detail.

  5. oh very nice - cheers for the link