Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jumping ship

I have posted 5 sets of photographs and when I checked them online last night they looked fine. This morning it would seem that 2 sets have jumped ship to join the submarine adventure.

I shall have to go home and fish them out, so please be patient, and enjoy the 3 sets that still appear.

P.S. I need a tutorial that will enable me to put 15 pictures in one post. Is it Blogger or Picasa or just thick-with-age ol' me? Anyone?


  1. I've found the best way is to use flickr and then to use the ready-to-use html for various sizes there. You can use the smaller (but larger than thumbnail) options so your post doesn't take too long to load.

  2. I understood about as much of your tutorial in one sentance as I do the Iliad. And I don't have flickr. Or brains. I have Picassa, like you advised. So I guess 4 pics a post it is then hunh?!

  3. You were right about the blogroll thing. Thought I had done so. Anyway ,thanks for pointing it out,. You are now first on the list!

  4. Oye. Go to Flickr. Sign up. Upload a photo. After you've uploaded. (And it's very easy to upload to flickr - just browse and press upload.) - there's be a an option on top of the photograph called "All Sizes". It'll show you the html code for various size options. Use any one you like on your blog.