Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Another year. Another me.

This is the way to start a New Year, a tag from WA. There’s quite a lot of stuff about me that this blog has not betrayed and at some level I am loathe to let go. At another though it’s a nice thought to share some of the madness and a challenge to do it without betraying more than I want.

1. I am a technophobe. And I’ve learnt to hide it very well. I love technology, make no mistake. In fact I am amazed and awed by the strides technology has taken. From being able to listen to music on my dinky cassette playing walkman as a teen to the fact that something as big and bulky as a jumbo jet can fly – most technology to me is nothing short of a miracle. On the outside I’m confident with the technology I need in day to day life (like my computer, mobile etc.) but even none of these ever comes to me without terror. Deep down I live in perpetual (and obviously irrational) fear I shall irrevocably break/ delete/ morph/ kill whatever I am using. It took weeks for me to start using my fantastic new 2006 iPod because I was terrified that any movement would make the songs all disappear (because there was no CD / diskette to remove and make safe).

2. I make resolutions every year. I have ever since I can remember celebrating the turn into the New Year. I know I know everyone is always saying how they don’t bother because they don’t/ can’t keep them past the first week/ month. I’ve been taunted about making New Year resolutions for the longest time but nothing will change my faith in my resolution keeping system. For me resolutions are about starting as you mean to go on – and I nearly always manage to keep up at least half the resolutions to reflect on when the year ends. I have a long list this year too. So sue me.

3. I love my food - A LOT. In fact so much so that I began a failed blog about it. It failed mainly because I was so excited to be eating nice things that I forgot to take any pictures and then I slumped into an unending laziness. Top 10 foods to include in one last meal: Chicken Thai curry, Bhindi (like my mum makes it), Paneer tikka, Toblerone, rajma, idli, momos, Club sandwich, Chicken hot & sour soup with naan (counts as 1 for me), shammi kebab (from Wengers). Reading back that combination of things as one last meal is pretty gross and would probably kill me anyway.

4. I am just a bit obsessed with lists. Nearly everything/one in my life features on my lists. They don’t need to be even or odd numbered. Or coherent to anyone but me. Either the lists are written down ones (like groceries, things to do, party guests, meals) or each one is counted in my head (yummiest meals, best books, loveliest days, ironic moments, friends). I have a mind rolodex and every page has a mini-list. Most things are graded and assertively given their place in the list. I got to this list keeping way-of-life organisation much before I had read High Fidelity. Way before I even knew who Nick Hornby was. Often I’m not proud of it but once in a while the order gives me great comfort and sometimes great joy.

5. I know with an ingrained certainty that I will never ever be thin. No matter how many cold winter mornings I get up and go faithfully to the gym. And yet I shall not give up. I am nothing if not eternally hopeful.

That’s me and this list.

I hope you had a lovely celebration to ring in the New Year wherever you may wander - with family, with friends, with good food & drink, with laughter, with hope and with dreams. Have a lovely 2007.


  1. Hey...organization is good! I am pretty organized too....maybe not with lists, but you know...the random sort of organization! :p

  2. Nice! :) happy new year to ya! :)
    lol @ Reading back that combination of things as one last meal is pretty gross and would probably kill me anyway.

  3. Anonymous3:55 AM

    list obsession sounds like a useful one to have, maybe I should give it a try.

  4. Hmmm.. I think you might like a PDA.

  5. your technophobia made me laugh! Happy New Year!

  6. Happy New Year :)

  7. We have almost similar food preferences.:)

    You 2 have a great 2007.

    Loved this blog:)

  8. Sonal: Organisation is good till it goes overboard and becomes a bit OCD!

    Shub: Belive me I am still not above wanting all those things in one meal!!

    WA: In teh main its a useful to have lists but in an OCD way not so!

    John: Nooooo. I won't be able to bear the technology.

    B: At least someone is amused by my antics....Happy new year to you too!

    Prerona: To you too!

    SP: With that long list I have the same food preferences of half the people I know! Have a good 2007.