Monday, December 05, 2005


Over the past few years our idea of a good evening changed from dancing the night into morn. It became a relaxed meal with a few friends, sipping wine with candles around us to set the mood, listening to sublime music and talking endlessly. Before we decided to go to clubbing this weekend I was sure that in my 30's my dancing feet had slipped into an amnesiac state and would have not a clue what to do.

Since we were going with friends we decided to go out for dinner (read: line the stomach) before hitting the dance floor. Chose a cuisine that would adequately accomodate vegetarians and a place that was relatively close to where we were going dancing. So we booked and ate at TAS in London Bridge. It's a Turkish eatery, part of a chain. Excellant mezze and lamb casserole. Topped up with coffee we headed to the party.

Worries about losing all semblance of co-ordination when on the dancefloor subsequent to turning 30 are gone. No question about it. Dispersed with the music. Kicked away with the Bhangra. Sweated into vapour. WooHoo!! Saturday night was proof that I had nothing to worry about in the first place. Age IS all in the mind. The evening was grand; we danced our feet off till 1 am and then came home with four of our friends to watch the dialogues & sing along the songs from a number of great old hindi films. Thought I'd blog before falling asleep but I was way too excited to be coherent. Went to bed at 5.30am and woke in time for us to all go to Tayyabs to eat lunch.

Sunday afternoon and evening sailed by stuck in a sea of people on Oxford Street, refreshed with energising juice from 'Juiced!', tea with friends at a tiny cafe on James Street, drinks at Ask in Piccadilly before a much needed early night.

The dancing was super even though the music was not great either in quality of songs the DJ chose or the sound system. It was fun because we were all together and I for one really enjoyed myself. I had forgotten what fun V & I have on the dancefloor. I think our cosy evenings with friends, food & wine are great but interspersed with evenings out like this would be even more special. I resolve to plan more WooHoo moments!

TAS: 72 Borough High Street, London SE1 1XF. Tel: 020 7403 7200/ 7277

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