Tuesday, December 13, 2005

This is for 39in2005

... who was 38 till yesterday. She is not a blogger. She's my fave cousin who extrapolated from my blog name and uses the name to leave comments on my blog. Happy 39th birthday!

Turning 30 was a huge deal for me but I always felt safe knowing that she turned 30 before me and in her 30's continued to be one of the coolest people on the planet. She is THE Jill of all trades, who manages her home, multi-tasks her work, deftly brings up my two adorable nieces, deals with endless streams of visiting family & friends, plans epic holdiays to India and manages to stay in touch with our large family with what seems like little effort. She is the leader of our band of 6 cousins, the queen-pin that holds us all in perpetual smiles. It's a mammoth task being the eldest of us cousins and I think sub-consciously she probably takes it very seriously. Not that you would ever guess it.

This year when we were all in India for her mum's birthday and another cousins reception we had a brilliant time. Stayed up most of the nights, yacking, catching up on gossip and letting all our spouses bond. She is always on for a laugh or a spur of the minute dash to the shops. She is the favourite grandchild, the favourite niece, the memory holder of many of our childhood summer holiday stories.

She will be 40in2006 and worries that this might be her midlife crisis time. I think not. She will probably sleep the worry off in no time and make her 40's sparkle more than the 30's. Then we'll all want to follow suit because the 40's will look like fun. And before we know it time will be on our side and we'll be right there! In the meanwhile she thinks she could deal with the crisis by cooking up a storm...but worries the storm might bring too many calories!

So loads of love and birthday wishes from this continent! Sieze the day. Make that list of things you always wanted to do before you hit the big 4-0 and do them....

Happy Birthday!!

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  1. Anonymous2:18 AM

    thank you so much...i think your blog just cured my mid-life crisis...

    my cooking is not only adding calories...i am ruining my dishes...

    burnt 2 of them last week!!!