Saturday, December 31, 2005

Babe name game

This post is not about new years resolutions for 2006. It's about resolutions made by adults to take on new responsibilities further confirming their adult status. It's about tiny creatures who take over small worlds and rule with soft iron fists. Whose tiny tops of heads smell of the nectar of life.

Babies. Born by the million each year. Each one the centre of someones universe. Bringing pride and joy to many a clan.

On the naming of many babies I have heard The Grouchy One argue that often the minimum criteria for producing a baby is body parts and a complete lack of undestanding on how to use them (in short body parts and stupidity). As the world fancies itself more modern with each passing year these little creatures are lovingly bestowed with names that are probably the prime reason they are yelling so much. TGO reckons that prospective parents should have to give an exam to check their suitability and name choosing abilities. Luckily TGO has no say in the matter.

This year V & my wide world of friends and relatives have produced a record breaking number of babies: 20. 9 girls and 11 boys. That may not seem like a lot when compared with the millions born each year but it's the largest number born in any year of our adult lives yet. Maybe it has to do with our age, this need to procreate. The bug is ever far from us thankfully. But as these babies grow into 2006 and begin to take their first tiny steps I can only wish their parents a lifetime of happy memories.

I don't know what TGO would make of any of these names but here they are:

The little ladies:
Hannah, Tara, Rhea, Jia, Karma, Radhika, Anya, Naarayani-Gayatri, Naina

The naughty boys:
Neel, Ishaan, Arjun, Vir, Jiyon, Kavi, Akshat, Arnav, Charlie, Zain, Thomas

I don't know if I like or dislike any of the names - thankfully they aren't mine to decide on. I do know that their parents chose carefully, with thought, numerology, astrology, ancesterology and mostly with love. I am also a self-certified expert on know how much every baby gift ever made costs, whats cool in babydom and what is most definitely so last year, what little girls look cute in and little boys will smile at, what parents will approve of and what colours are sooo this season in little people world.

I also know that (no matter what TGO says) as we coo over other people's babies and tell them what wonderful names they have chosen, their expectations for their babe will have been reinforced and their sensitivities respected.

Good luck babies (and the rest of the world).

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    Lately, we've been experiencing the same thing. Too many babies around :-) It's the "age" thing.