Monday, January 10, 2005

What's in a name?

The decision to BE a blogger and not just a blog reader is not one I took lightly. I thought about things I wanted my blog to mean (for me, for others who might come across it), what I wanted it to look like (and belive me it looks nothing like that at the moment!) and its general direction. What I did not have to think about too much was the name ... I chose '30in2005' because was taken (and is a truly fab blog).

2005 is a big year for me. I'll turn 30 this year and I see this as the almost halfway mark in my lifetime. I spent the early years waiting to 'be and adult and get on with it' and no doubt I have spent the past few years wishing I could still be 21. But I have come to terms with the 'age thing' and am sooooo ready to be 30 and all it means. 30 seems to be my number - an age where I am responsible for my life, my mistakes, my decisions. Its the marking point in my life, to which all other years/ ages will be relative. I want 2005 to be my 'victory' year - to be a fitting commemoration of all the wonderful years before and this blog to be a reflection/ collection of the bits that have made/ will make it so.

I also plan on making list of various things (favourite books, foods and their recipes, favourite movies, places seen/to see get the drift) and yes each list will eventually add up to 30. I find lists of 5 or 10 exhausting, binding and constricting; lists of 50 or 100 too exhaustive, open ended and often with things just thrown in to make it add up. So 30 it is and 30in2005 am I!


  1. I like the concept of 30 per list. Why stop at 10? It isn't a magic number, you should be able to list as many as you like :-)

  2. I agree. 10 is just an arbitrary, usually quite unfairly demanded number.

    thanks for coming to back to my blog ever so often. You are the only reader so far (or so it seems)!