Thursday, January 06, 2005

Technology is magic!

Reading blogs was so much easier than owning one! I simply marked the blogs I wanted to revisit in 'favourites' and lo behold, everytime I came back to any one of them there it was - a re-freshed page bursting with new posts, links, pics and doodles. Assuming that if so many people could do it, so could I, I began this blog 3 days ago. The first few steps were easy enough - find a template, put in your name, the barest of detail and lo behold I was on the worldwideweb!

The posting of info is easy enough. Parallel wording to an e-mail but the same functions really:
Email & blogs: for both you log in
Email: compose; blog: create
Email: send; blog: publish post
Next thing you know its out there on your web page looking all jazzy and self important! The difficult part is jazzing up the blog. Decided to go for a site meter (yes I'm so insecure). Found that adding a site meter took me half a day. I had to keep reading the instructions on how to install and copying code into my template. Don't know how I managed it but somehow there is now a ticker on my site (all the numbers are false though cos I'm the only one visiting it as yet!). Then decided I needed a section of links to show what other blogs I follow (and to build myself into a community of bloggers I hope). That has taken me two whole days and yet everytime I click on one of the links I keep going to Microsofts homepage. I sorted it out eventually but honestly do not know what it all means anymore.....Technology is magic and only the magician has the key!

Yesterday I told V I had had enough and was deleting my blog. He offered to help and I decided to sleep on the decision....and this morning I have awoken more positive. So this blog lives another day!!!!


  1. Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog :-) I would encourage you to continue blogging. Everyone finds it beneficial in different ways. I wanted to get back to writing and meet new people and it has worked for me. SUre, there will be time when you will be under what I call the 'Writer's blog', but it will pass. You'll look back on this after a few months with satisfaction.

  2. Hi,
    You're not the only one to visit your blog...I just did- was surfing andreached yours.
    Enjoy the blogworld :-)