Thursday, January 20, 2005

New food

Over the last few years V & I have entertained in our home on average 3 times a month. Each time it was usually a few couples for a meal on a weekend. And while V's large collection of wine worked well, my cooking became kind of average (not in taste {my middle name is not Modesty!}, only in variety).

I chose to cook Indian when we entertained because that's what I am most familiar with and seemed easiest to fill plates and stomachs. I seemed to be dishing out the same standardised Indian menu for every gathering: chole (or rajma), sukhe aloo (or baingan bharta), U.P.kadhi (or a Rajisthani gatta). So if you came to my house for a meal in the past two years you pretty much would have got a selection of 3 dishes from the above set.

It was all getting repititous and boring. Drastic measures seemed called for and I took to buying a few exciting cook books. Now I'm trying new things often and our taste buds are enjoying the ride. Will try and post recipes as I try, ammend and perfect them.

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