Monday, January 17, 2005

Black is gone

For the very few who have so far viewed my blog, and deigned to come back (thankyou thankyou!), you will notice that I've changed the template. Black was just making me feel low! It looked great to start with - all sleek and neat. But as the number of posts grew it seemed to be bursting from the seams, incoherent and sad looking. I like the new template - pastel blues and greens. It's very me!

If you enjoy what you've read so far please and intend visiting, please add me to your list of bloglinks - I'm currently feeling like the most under-read blog in history! More than half the numbers on the stat counter are me coming back to see if anyone has linked on!!!!!!


  1. Haven't linked you yet, but I do read your blog regularly :-)

  2. Thanks Parth! Every little helps I guess!