Sunday, November 08, 2015

The walk

Since the beginning of the year, in anticipation of turning 40, my body decided to begin a slow downhill ramble. I can feel some creaking bones. I found out (quite by mistake) that I had high blood pressure. I found out my family genetics and love for prime burgers and anything rice caught up with me - I'm now borderline diabetic. The list of other small niggling things is long and boring. 

The long and short of it is that most of these things are fixable without medication or much intervention. Turns out that my diet is actually quite healthy - no cholesterol or thyroid problems. The problem is in quantity - and I say this with no apology because I L.O.V.E me my FOOD - timing and exercise.

I'm lazy. You know this. Sloth like almost. I'd rather do nothing than anything at all. I have phases of 'doing' - walking swimming yoga spin gym etc. - but none that I have kept at consistently. I start, keep at it for a bit, get bored, move on to the next thing. Lather rinse repeat.

Turns out that now I have little say in the matter. Short of having to prick my finger multiple times a day and eat any medicine in the long term, it seems I shall have to up my game. At least I am fit in that I have energy and can walk great swathes or do 90 minutes of hot yoga or swim 50 lengths - all without collapsing. 

Well now I have to do something three times a week at the minimum, more if I can manage it. I've been at it a few weeks now, but just a few days a week. This weekend I decided to work another bit in and walk while Kid went off to school to play badminton. 

One of the loveliest things about Hong Kong is all this greenery. I went to Tai Tam Tuk to walk. This is a huge reservoir park with multiple 'memory' bridges built across the reservoirs and dams. It has barbecue pits, benches, scenic picture taking spots and multiple trails to pick from - one of which goes all the way to Parkview where we stayed temporarily. It is a verdant green, lovely trail and felt peaceful to walk on. Did what I could and thankfully finished just as 4 bus loads of tourists arrived. 

In time I would like to do the whole trail and not have to turn back at any point. Who knows what I am capable of? (I can see my mother nod and say 'I know' - but she is seriously biased!). Hopefully I won't get bored before I get better.  


  1. Not sure if you have one, but get a Fitbit if you can. Really helps in motivating you to walk much more.

  2. I've been advised one but I think I'd get frustrated with it and throw it against a wall. It's certainly under consideration. Thanks for the vote!