Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nekkid man Hong Kong

Two days ago my FB newsfeed began to fill with images of Anthony Gormley's sculptures. Apparently 31 sculptures of nekkid men (fiberglass, I think) had been perched on the edges of building rooftops all around Hong Kong. The uproar was in people's opinions of how this was insensitive in the light of the many suicides that Hong Kong sees each year, leaps from buildings to painful endings. That families and friends recovering from the pain were  to be reminded afresh of their loss. The other side being offered in the heated debate was how art was not always easy and artists were rarely thinking of pleasing their audiences but instead of provoking debate, expressing thoughts and making its audience use the piece to think about various things. People expected many a 999 call to be made in light of these life size sculptures seeming as if they are about to jump off the edge.

Anthony Gormley is perhaps most famously known for his Angel of the North sculpture. I've seen his works at various exhibitions and can see why he is celebrated in many ways. I'm not sure which side of this debate I fall on. My perspective is perhaps entirely different from someone who has had someone jump off a building and so I am keeping my counsel. 

I hadn't really looked up on my busy walking around Central day on Friday. I was too preoccupied with getting to my appointments on time and (not shockingly) fitting in with the iPhone look at crowded streets. Hence the many pictures. 

Yesterday however we came back into Central for a spot of Indian lunch at Ista. It's a good value, half decent Indian spread that I don't want to cook. Imagine my surprise when I looked out of the window by our 2nd floor table and saw this guy:

Not sure what I think yet. Not definitively at least. Although V and I had a somewhat heated debate about what we each thought. I've taken on board his points of view and I'm mulling them over before I conclude anything. At least, as any artist wants, the work is being talked about, gnashed over, thought provoking. 

The only conclusion I could come to was there is such a thing as too much Indian food. I waddled around like an inflated penguin for the rest of the day. 

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