Friday, November 13, 2015

Central sightings

I don't live in Central Hong Kong although in nearly every previous visit this is the area we have stayed in. To me it is a warren run of crowded roads, a higgledy piggledy collection of tall buildings and a pretty crowded (as opposed to bustling) pen. It reminds me of Mumbai in many ways. It's interesting but I wouldn't live in it if I didn't absolutely have to. Different on a visit as opposed to the long term. 

I find though that I am inevitably here once every few weeks, usually an appointment of some kind, administrative or medical or meeting friends. Instead of coming in multiple times though, I now try and schedule things in for one whole day and then spend an exhausting day getting from place to place, running errands, meeting various people. Today has been just one such day. I haven't stopped since I caught the 7.45am shuttle into town. And it's been such a busy day that now as I sit on the shuttle towards home and Kid I find myself tongue tied with exhaustion. And so I will let the pictures of my day and a few words about each be my post for the day. 

These 4 shots above are from one of the walkways that connect the long line of escalators that run from Central up into the Mid levels. This corridor had some very interesting graffiti style art and walls of plants and benches to sit on. I hadn't seen it before and I really enjoyed it. 

These 4 shots are along Queens Road Central which is one of the arterial roads in this neck of the woods. Busy and not particularly beautiful but so full of life. Even the buildings feel like they are giving of an electric energy. I particularly liked the grey and blue water hydrant and took the picture for Kid who insists they are always red. 

Surely illegal? It was closed but I was there early - the road wasn't yet teeming. The shutter had a beautiful cut out - it's gave the gate some splendour amidst its run down condition. 

Lost in translation perhaps? 

Checked out a co-working space called Garage Society. Very nice and conveniently located. 

Coffee break...

Clever. And Yummy.

And Christmas trees!! Too early in my opinion but happy to be a sheep and ooh aah, for the spirits must remain high....

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