Saturday, May 30, 2015

Could I be more Minion?

More decorating this morning. Party is in 2 hours and I'm blogging as I await balloon and snack deliveries. Here's what's on:

Minions ready to be bowled over. They had a makeover last night with authentic silver paint for their goggles. The minion bowling track has been laid down with Minion duct tape - my favourite cheap find! 

Then we will play four corners where everyone dances in the centre till the music stops and a non watching referee calls out a corner and everyone in it is out. A slightly less violent and less cheat able combination version of musical chairs and freeze dance. Also we don't have anywhere near 45 chairs! These are the four corner signs:

And finally the table is getting a makeover. Being blue anyway I'm not covering it up with a table cloth. Glass is easy to clean of grubby fingerprints!

Till after the party, ciao! 

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