Friday, May 29, 2015

Attention, Minions

Tomorrow Kid is celebrating turning SIX. He turns 6 only in July but since school breaks for the summer in a week he wants to celebrate with his pals before pretty much everyone is away for their vacations. 

So party prep is on in earnest. 45 kids have RSVP'd 'yes'. So an hour in the pool before they come home (yes, home, you heard that right. I had a function room booking FAIL!) with one parent (at least) each. And this is what awaits them:

Then a table whose main motif is:

Followed by 3 games, of which 1 is homemade bowling, recycled cola bottles with rajma to weight them down: 

I've not lost all my marbles much as it may seem so. The balloons are being delivered as are the snacks for the parents. 

Off to buy some pool toys and decorate the cooled cake! See ya, minions! 


  1. Happy birthday to the young man. Time flies, he is 6 already ?
    Very creative home bowling.. love it. Good luck with the party.

  2. Thanks! He will turn 6 in July. Party is now as school is out for summer in a week and all his pals will be away in July. We had a blast and the bowling game was a huge success!!!

  3. You're so amazingly creative and imaginative! I'd be a big fat FAIL at doing things like this, so just as well I have no kids :)