Monday, January 14, 2013

Last of the lot

This is the new bookshelf, bought here in Singapore on one of the many weekends we were out hunting for furniture. It's being used to replace the lovely Lombok dark one we left behind (exhibit 1 in this series). It's lighter coloured wood goes better with the decor we chose in this house and also works well with the limited light we have here.

What I love about it most is that the side is a bookcase too - a bit different to anything we've owned so far and useful in this particular spot, two steps up from the living to dining room. We were struggling with that space, not big enough for a desk or sideboard and big enough not to ignore. Now we can see books from the living room and the dining room. My two in one solution. This bookshelf took a minute to buy - we both saw it and said 'thats it' simultaneously. It has turned out to be a great flag in no mans land!

The very end of this edition of 'my house'.


  1. I love this bookcase, both in form and material. Very beautiful.

  2. menaka6:33 PM

    This is my favourite. Especially love the side,,, more house pics please!

  3. What a lovely bookcase. All those books looking so inviting..