Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A whole new Wednesday

New Year's Eve passed nearly unnoticed in our house, not at all what I expected of our first one in Singapore. But while v and kid slept I stood on our airy balcony for a while and enjoyed the sound of cheers and fireworks in the distance. And also the sound of silence. I read into the early hours pleased with my speed and the book. Not what I expected but quite adequate a turn into the new year.

After a busy first day of the year it's all back to normal today. Montessori is open and long office hours are expected. I've had a coffee with friends before their flight to London and after a round of vegetable, coffee bean and fruit shopping I'm having an early lunch at the Orange Thimble in Tiong Bahru. It's a lovely little art cafe on a quiet road. Unassuming and with a limited menu of sandwiches and breakfast foods it's walls are adorned with art for sale. Quirky stuff and not for my walls but interesting to look at. After this it's off to pick up kid and have an afternoon of arts and crafts. Apparently we 'must do painting, mama'. So long as it ain't on the walls and I can lie on the cool floors while you indulge your inner artist, sure!

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